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JGK Marketing LLC, Mattress & Bedding Stores, Libertyville, IL
  • Vivon gusseted contour pillow. Made from restech memory foam in an anatomically supportive ergonomic shape.

Comfort Cloud Gusseted Memory Foam Contour Shaped Pillow

RRP: $82.99 (You save $13.00)

JGK Marketing LLC, Mattress & Bedding Stores, Buffalo Grove, IL

Product Description

Comfort Cloud Gusseted Memory Foam Pillow- Ergonomic Contour Shape

Get a high-quality and affordable memory foam pillow

Made from eco-friendly CloudTech Memory Foam. The same memory foam used in many high-end mattresses. These conventional pillows make a great improvement to your sleep environment.


A memory foam pillow will properly support your spine as you sleep. When you have correct alignment and support, you awake more refreshed and ready for the day.


The great Eco-friendly CloudTech memory foam pillows are made with plant-based memory foam.

The Comfort Cloud Ergonomic Contour Pillow is made with earth-friendly seed-derived CloudTech Memory Foam.

What is CloudTech foam and how is it different from regular foam?

CloudTech is also a proprietary blend of memory foam that helps reduce the dependency on petroleum products; we use CloudTech in many mattresses.

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