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An Air Bed can be the cure for many nighttime ailments

dual-chamber adjustable air bedAt the heart of an adjustable air bed are individual chambers on the left and the right. Separate chambers isolate motion, allow individual comfort and can eliminate or alleviate many nighttime sleep issues.


Nearly forty-five percent of adults snore on occasion, and about 25 percent snore habitually. It’s a problem that can affect both the snorer and the partner. A softer mattress and a carefully fitted pillow designed to encourage a better sleeping posture have helped many.

Excessive tossing and turning

An overly active sleeper can create tension for couples. Replacing your mattress has helped many. A mattress that isolates motion between sleepers, such as one with separate air chambers, can be the perfect solution to ease nighttime tension and eliminate morning stress.

Too Soft/Too Firm

An adjustable firmness mattress, like an adjustable air bed, features isolated air chambers on both sides, allowing each person to select their ideal firmness level. Even if you don’t agree with your partner how firm or soft your mattress should be, you don’t have to compromise your individual comfort level. And change is only a button-push away!

An Adjustable Air Bed can bring peace and rejuvenation back into your bedroom.

Happy couple sleeping peacefully on adjustable air bed