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The working parts of an air bed

Air Bed Buyers Guide

Whether you are looking to buy a new Sleep Number air bed (and pay a steep premium) or you are looking for a more affordable option, there is a lot to learn about airbeds before you can consider yourself and educated consumer.

The main components of an air bed:

Air bed air chamber. Air BladderAir Chamber: This the core of an air bed. The air chamber holds the variable air pressure and supports you as you sleep. In order to be 100% airtight, these must be very well made. This is not where you want to buy a cheaply made air chamber.

Air Pump: When combined with the air chamber, these 2 components make an airbed more different than any other style of beddingAir pump air controller with remotes.

Topper: Most air beds offer some quilting or padding layer over top the air chamber. These comfort layers help to make the top layers of the bed more inviting and cradle you as you sleep. Some airbeds offer latex or memory foam comfort layers. High-end air beds offer multiple layers of padding and cushioning to make you airbed feel like the most luxurious and inviting bed.

Rails: Padded foam rails support the edges of the air chamber and give the edge of your bed support. Without these rails, the edge of your bed might feel too soft. Foam rails also prevent the air chamber from moving and ensure that your regular bed sheets will still fit your air chamber.

Air bed Air hose parts composite imagesAir Hose: The air hose connects the air pump to the air chamber through an opening in the head of the bed.

Air bed specially designed airbed foundationRemote Control: The air controller allows you to adjust the firmness of the bed. Most airbeds have dual chambers so each partner can control the firmness of the bed independently. Some higher end airbeds offer beds with multiple air chambers on each side.

Foundation: Because of it’s unique construction, an airbed needs a firm flat surface on which to rest. It is very important to use a properly designed airbed foundation so the entire bed is supported and does not create any undue stresses or potential tears. Using an unapproved foundation may void the air bed warranty.

Additional things to consider:

More expensive air pumps have better mufflers and are quieter.

Additional memory foam, latex or padding layers can allow you to really customize the feel of the bed.

Be sure you select an airbed that has a good manufacturer’s warranty. You want to select a bed that the maker is willing to stand behind.

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